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I am looking for a hospital where medical treatments are available in foreign languages.

You can browse Aichi Medical Information Net ( )to find information on hospitals/clinics/dental clinics/pharmacies/midwifery centers in Aichi area where foreign language services are available.

You can also browse Aichi Prefecture Medical Emergency Information System( find emergency medical institutions in Aichi area. The System also offers automated response and guidance services in five languages through voice and fax (TEL 050-5810-5884).

Aichi Medical Interpretation System ( dispatches medical interpreters to partner hospitals and also provides interpretation service on the phone. Please contact your hospital to see if an interpreter can be dispatched. There are charges associated with use of the service.

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Is there any organization I can consult by telephone on medical matters, using a foreign language?

AMDA Medical Information Center ( provides various types of medical information on the phone.

AMDA Medical Information Center Tokyo
TEL: 03-6233-9266
Language: Basic Japanese
Hours: 10:00–15:00

Other organizations providing medical consultations

HIV and Human Rights Information Center Tokyo
TEL: 03-5259-0256
Languages : English (First Sat)
Hours: 12:00–15:00

Nagoya International Center – Personal Counseling for Foreign Nationals

TEL: 052-588-7040
Languages: Portuguese, Spanish, English, Chinese
Hours: Regularly (reservation required)

NPO Serviço de Assistência aos Brasileiros no Japão (SABJA) – Health Consultation

TEL: 050-6861-6400
Languages: Portuguese (Mon-Sat)
Hours: 9:00–16:00 (reservation), 9:00–20:00 (consultation)

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I am having difficulties making a living due to high medical expenses for my illness. Is there any public assistance for me to rely on?

If an amount you pay (as medical and medicinal expenses) at the checkout counter of a hospital exceeds a certain amount, the excess portion may be refunded based on your application for a refund.

If you subscribe to National Health Insurance, inquire at the National Health Insurance Section of your local municipal office. If you subscribe to Social Insurance, inquire at your company or the Japan Health Insurance Association (Kyokai Kenpo), etc.

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I heard that there is public assistance for persons raising children.

If you have a child, you can receive the Child Allowance until the first March 31 after the child’s 15th birthday. There is an income limit to the allowance. Children who do not have an address in Japan are not eligible. The monthly allowance is 15,000 yen until the month of the day before the child’s third birthday, and 10,000 yen afterward. (If you have three or more children under 18, you can receive 15,000 yen per month for the third child and each additional child until the first March 31 after each child’s 12th birthday.) The child allowance is paid every February, June and October for the preceding months. For more information, please contact the Child Welfare Section of your municipal office.

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I would like to receive an Identification Booklet for Persons with Physical Disabilities. What can I do?

If you have a disability specified by law (disability related to vision, hearing, balance, speech/language, limbs, etc.), you can get a Disability Certificate and receive home helper service, medical rehabilitation, various allowances, tax exemptions, fare discounts for public transport, etc., depending on the level of your disability.

For information on the procedure for obtaining an Identification Booklet, visit the Disabled Persons’ Welfare Section of a municipal office.

The required documents for application are as follows.

  1. Application form for Issuance of Identification Booklet for Persons with Physical Disabilities
  2. A medical certificate issued by a doctor
  3. An ID photograph (4 cm high x 3 cm wide)
  4. Personal seal (or hand-written signature)
  5. ID (Driver’s License, National Health Insurance Card, Residence card, etc.)

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I would like to receive Welfare Assistance. Can a foreigner be a recipient?

To receive Welfare Assistance, your status of residence must be the one of permanent resident, spouse or child of Japanese national, spouse or child of permanent resident, or long-term resident.

In deciding your eligibility for Welfare Assistance, the incomes and assets of your household are investigated. If these are found to conform with the standard set forth by the national government and after your application is approved, a livelihood assistance allowance and so forth will be provided.

For more information, contact the social worker in charge of the area in which you live, or the relevant municipal office.

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