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Outline of the Aichi International Association

About the Aichi International Association (AIA)

The Aichi International Association (AIA) was established with a view to promoting the internationalization of the region and the activities of international exchange with participation of Aichi residents in order to establish friendly relations and mutual understanding among people of foreign countries and the citizens of Aichi.
In August 1994, the AIA was recognized by the governor of Aichi prefecture as public benefit corporation (tokutei kōeki zōshin hōjin).
Since its opening in June 1997, the Aichi International Plaza has been used by many as a major center for international exchange.

Establishment Founded on March 9, 1960, the Aichi Overseas Emigration Association was reorganized into the Foundation Aichi International Association on July 10, 1984 expanding its activities.
On April 1, 2011, it was changed into public utility foundation (kōeki zaidan hōjin).
Chairman Masaaki Kanda
Capital 314,595,000 yen
No. of board members 15 persons (13 directors and 2 secretaries)
No. of advisors 8 persons
No. of councilors 12 persons
Secretariat 24 persons
Service hours of Aichi International Plaza Open Monday to Thursday and Saturday: 10:00 - 18:00
Friday: 10:00 - 20:30
Closed Sundays, national holidays, New Year holidays
(from December 29 to January 3)
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Aichi Prefectural Government Sannomaru Annex Building, 1F & 2F
2-6-1, Sannomaru, Naka-ku, Nagoya, Aichi 460-0001


1.Support for the activities of international exchange and cooperation by citizens of Aichi, NGO/NPO, local governments and municipal international associations.

We support the activities of NGO/NPO in Aichi prefecture and cooperate with local governments and municipal international associations to promote the activities of international exchange and cooperation and regional construction of multicultural harmonization to meet the diverse needs. Also, we provide various opportunities in which many Aichi residents can understand better and participate in the activities of the international exchange and cooperation and regional construction of multicultural harmonization.

  • Grant of an award of international exchange promotion merit
General Affairs & Management Section
  • Organization of committee with municipal international associations for promotion of activities
  • Co-organization of activities with embassies, consulates and foreign delegations
Planning & Information Section
  • Holding events for internationalization such as World Collaboration Festival
  • Support through the programs of continuation of Friendship activities
  • Providing spaces where private groups of international exchange can develop their activities
International Exchange Section
  • Support for the Association of People from Aichi in Brazil and Argentine
  • Lending national flags of various countries
  • Support for various international exchange events by NGO/NPO (subsidization, joint hosting and sponsorship for projects)
Multicultural & Counseling Section

2.Training of human resources who work as driving forces for internationalization

We offer training courses for the staffs of local governments, municipal international associations and volunteers, who work as driving forces for internationalization. We also promote the education of the children who will support future multicultural society.

  • Organization of multicultural understanding courses
  • Organization of courses for the staffs of municipal international associations
  • Registration, training and support for the activities of volunteers of international exchange
  • Organization of workshops for volunteers
  • Holding Plaza Japanese class and practical course for administration of Japanese class
  • Support for activities of volunteers of Japanese education and providing information on Japanese language education (Resource room for Japanese language education)
  • Organizing training courses for international understanding
  • Organizing training seminars for international understanding
International Exchange Section

3.Survey research and information service concerning internationalization

In order to function as a think tank of the region we enhance the function of survey research to prepare suitable environment for Aichi residents, NGO/NPO and local governments working for the development of the international exchange, cooperation and regional construction of multicultural society.
We also collect information on internationalization and multicultural understanding offering useful information through various media.

  • Survey and research on internationalization and multicultural society
  • Publication of "Aichi International Plaza", a periodical of the association and “International Exchange Handbook” that contains information about the groups related to international exchange
  • Providing information on foreign countries (library, newspaper/magazine corner and video corner)
  • Providing information through the webpage of the association, "i-net (System of Information for International Exchange)" in Japanese, English, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese, and Korean
  • Support for multilingual translation of disaster information and others by the Template System for Translating Information into multiple languages (i-net)
Planning & Information Section

4.Strengthening the function of the association as a major center for multicultural harmonization

In order to promote regional construction where foreign residents of Japan can live with peace of mind with Japanese citizens, we offer information in various languages, foster an awareness of Japanese people on the importance of multicultural harmonization and develop a suitable educational environment of Japanese language for the foreign children who will lead the next generation.

  • Providing foreign residents with information such as disaster prevention through FM radio broadcasting (in Portuguese, Spanish, English, Chinese)
Planning & Information Section
  • Providing foreign residents with services of consultation/information (in Portuguese, Spanish, English and Chinese), support by multicultural social worker and free legal consultation with lawyer
  • Publication of “Aichi Handbook”, a handbook of living information for foreign residents (published in Portuguese, Spanish, English and Chinese)
  • Providing information for foreign residents through mobile phone (in Portuguese, Spanish, English and Chinese)
  • Implementing fund raising project for Japanese language learning
Multicultural & Counseling Section


Division Section Telephone E-mail
(Please replace"*" with "@.")
General Affairs & Planning
(sōmu kikaku-ka)
General Affairs & Management
(sōmu kanri tantō)
052-961-8744 somu*aia.pref.aichi.jp
Planning & Information
(kikaku jōhō tantō)
052-961-7903 joho*aia.pref.aichi.jp
International Exchange
& Multicultural
(kōryu kyōsei-ka)
International Exchange
(kōryu tantō)
052-961-8746 koryu*aia.pref.aichi.jp
Multicultural & Counseling
(kyōsei sōdan tantō)
052-961-1409 kikin*aia.pref.aichi.jp
(Information Counter)
Web site (i-net) http://www2.aia.pref.aichi.jp/
FAX 052-961-8045

Aichi International Association

Sannomaru Annex Building,
Aichi Prefectural Government 1 & 2 F, 2-6-1,
Sannomaru, Naka-ku, Nagoya, Aichi 460-0001
E-mail:somu*aia.pref.aichi.jp (Please replace"*" with "@.")
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