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What should I do to renew my period of stay?

To renew your period of stay, you should prepare the following documents.

  1. Application for Extension of Period of Stay (form available at regional immigration bureaus)
  2. 1 photograph (W 3 cm x H 4 cm. The applicant must be pictured alone. Taken in the last three months. No hat. Plain background. Not necessary if you are under 16 years of age.)
  3. Documents proving your activity in Japan (depending on your status of residence)
    (Example) Letter of endorsement (for spouse or child of Japanese national, spouse or child of permanent resident, or long-term resident)
  4. Residence card
  5. Passport and alien registration card, etc.

The application can be made from three months prior to the end of your period of stay. If the application is approved, a fee of 4,000 yen is charged. For more information, please contact the Nagoya Regional Immigration Bureau or the Immigration Information Center.

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