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Please explain the requirements for subscribing to Japanese National Health Insurance and the procedure for doing so?

Any foreigner who satisfies the following requirements can subscribe to the National Health Insurance.

  1. You are registered as a resident.
  2. You are staying in Japan for more than three months.
  3. Covered by no other public medical insurance programs such as health

File an application with the National Health Insurance Section of your local municipal office. You need to bring your residence card and a seal. Necessary documents vary by reason of joining the program. Please contact the relevant section in advance.

If your family members wish to subscribe as well, bring their residence card. The amount of your insurance premium depends on which municipality you are living in. So inquire about the premium.

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The premium for the Employees' Pension Plan is deducted from my salary every month. Do I have to subscribe to an employees' pension plan?

All incorporated establishments based in Japan, such as companies, factories, shops and offices that employ at any times five workers or more are required by law to subscribe to the Employees’ Pension Plan.

Foreign workers are no exception. Your business establishment will carry out the necessary procedure and pay the insurance premiums for you.

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I am going to return to my country shortly. I heard that part of the premiums paid into the Pension Plan would be refunded. Please give me more information about this.

Some premium amount can be refunded under the Lump-Sum Withdrawal Pension scheme, if you satisfy the following requirements and if you claim a refund within 2 years after your departure from Japan.

  1. You do not have Japanese nationality.
  2. You have been covered under the National Pension as a Category 1 insured person for six months or more (calculated by adding the number of months you paid the full contribution, 3/4 of the number of months you were exempted from 1/4 of the contribution, 1/2 of the number of months you were exempted from 1/2 of the contribution, and 1/4 of the number of months you were exempted from 3/4 of the contribution). Or, you have been covered under the Employees’ Pension Insurance for six months or more.
  3. You do not have a fixed address in Japan.
  4. You have not been entitled to receive pensions (including injury allowances).

For more information on the necessary procedure, see the website of Japan Pension Service. ( You can get an application form there as well.

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