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I wish to live permanently in Japan. Please tell me about the requirements.

“Permanent Resident” is a status of residence that allows a foreign national to stay in Japan with no limit to his or her activities or period of stay. General requirements for the permanent residence are as follows, however, some requirements maybe lightened up depending on the current status of residence.

  1. He or she maintains good conduct.
  2. He or she has financial resources or technical skills to maintain an independent livelihood.
  3. Your permanent residence would be in accord with the interests of Japan (you have been staying in Japan continuously for 10 years or more (except for some cases); you have never received fines or imprisonment; you have been fulfilling public duties such as tax payments, etc.).

You can have them transferred to your new passport at the Nagoya Regional Immigration Bureau. For more information, please check the website below. You can also get information at the Immigration Information Center inside the Nagoya Regional Immigration Bureau.

Ministry of Justice “Guidelines for Permission for Permanent Residence”

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