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How can I get a Residence card?

The residence management system targets mid- and long-term foreign residents. Those who do not come under any of the following can receive a residence card.

  1. Persons whose period of stay is three months or less
  2. Persons whose status of residence is “Temporary Visitor”
  3. Persons whose status of residence is “Diplomat” or “Official”
  4. Persons recognized by the Ministry of Justice to come under the above 1–3
  5. Special Permanent Residents
  6. Persons who does not have a Status of Residence

Landing permission is granted and a stamp placed in your passport at the port of entry. If you become a mid- or long-term resident through the landing permission, you will be granted a residence card. The Residence card is issued at Narita Airport, Haneda Airport, Chubu Airport, Kansai Airport, Shin-Chitose Airport, Hiroshima Airport or Fukuoka Airport. If you have used a port of entry other than those listed above, the residence card will be mailed to you after you submit the Notification of Residence at the local municipal office.

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I moved recently. How do I change the address on my residence card?

If you are moving from your current municipality to another municipality or country, you need to submit a Moving-Out Notification and Moving-In Notification respectively to your current and new municipality. The Moving-Out Notification can be submitted to your current municipality from 14 days prior to the move-out date. Your current municipality will issue a Moving-Out Certificate, so you need to submit it to your new municipality within 14 days from the move-in date. If you are moving within the same municipality, you need to submit a Change of Address Notification to your municipality within 14 days from the moving date. Your new address will be printed on the back of your Residence Card after you submit the Moving-In Notification at the office of your new municipality.

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I have lost my residence card. What should I do to have it re-issued?

If you lose your residence card, you must report the loss/theft to the police and apply for its reissuance at a regional immigration bureau within 14 days. You also need to apply for reissuance when your residence card becomes significantly damaged. Reissuance for the above reasons is free of charge. Reissuance for other reasons costs 1,000 yen.

The required documents are as follows.

  1. Application for Reissuance of a Residence Card (available at regional immigration bureaus)
  2. 1 photograph (W 3 cm x H 4 cm. The applicant must be pictured alone. Taken in the last three months.
    No hat. Plain background. Not necessary if you are under 16 years of age.)
  3. <If you lost your Residence card> A document proving the loss
    (Lost/Stolen Property Certificate, Disaster Victim Certificate, etc.)
  4. <If you have your Residence card> Residence card
  5. Passport and alien registration card, etc.
  6. <If you lost your Residence card> Permission to Engage in Activity Other Than That Permitted Under the Status of Residence Previously Granted

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