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I am going to travel abroad. Is it necessary for me to be immunized?

In overseas countries there are many infectious diseases not well known by Japanese. Since Japanese lack immunity to these diseases, you should be immunized beforehand, depending on your destination.

As for such infectious diseases as cholera, plague and yellow fever, also known as quarantine infectious diseases, you may be required to present an immunization certificate (yellow card) when entering some countries.

Cases of cholera occur mainly in Southeast Asia and Africa, cases of plague in Southeast Asia, Africa and South America, and cases of yellow fever in Central & South America and Africa. If you plan to visit any country in these regions, you are advised to be immunized.

Since the type of immunization required depends on your destination and the time of year, you should contact beforehand the embassy in Japan of your destination country. Also, you can inquire about immunizations and overseas medical information at the Quarantine & Hygiene Section of Nagoya Quarantine Station.

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I would like to know about overseas security information.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan provides the status of criminal incidents for each country of the world and other information relevant to assuring citizen safety.

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Please tell me how to obtain an international driver's license.

An international driver’s license, which you will need to drive vehicles overseas, can be issued on the same day if you file an application at the Driver’s License Examination Center or at the Higashi-mikawa Driver’s License Center. Also you can file the application at the Nakamura Police Station, though it then takes about 16 days until the license is issued.

The required documents are as follows.

  1. Your Japanese driver’s license (your address should be in Aichi Prefecture)
  2. Your passport
  3. 1 photograph (W 4 cm x H 5 cm) Taken in the past six months. No hat. Facing forward and including only above the chest. Plain background
  4. A signature seal
  5. 2,350 yen handling charge

An international license is effective for one year from date of issue.

If your Japanese driver’s license expires during your period of residence in a foreign country, an exception can be made wherein you can apply for renewal of your license before requesting an international driver’s license. If you stay in the foreign country for more than a year, however, you may have to obtain a driver’s license issued by the country’s authorities.

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