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 Aichi International Plaza 2F,
  Aichi Prefectural Government Sannomaru Annex ,
  2-6-1, Sannomaru, Naka-ku, Nagoya 460-0001

  Mon.ーSat.      10:00-18:00
   Sundays, National holidays, Dec. 29 th- Jan.3rd 
  5 days in February(for rearrangement)

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Current Service 】
To prevent spreading the Novel coronavirus, The services of the Library is partly limited as below.       
  1. 1.Following services are available.
    • Check out , Return, Reservation of the materials
    • Get a library card
    • Study area (limited numbers of chairs)
    • Oversea's Newspapers and Magagines (Ask our staff to pick up items)
  2. 2.Following services are unavailable. 
    • Overseas Publication Corner
    • Vido Booths
  3. 3.For users who have library card  
    • Wear a mask, and mind cough etiquette.
    • If you are concernng about your physical condition, please refrain from entering the library.
    • Disinfect your fingers with alcohol when entering the library.
    • Keep your distance from others. Refrain from talking.
    • The reading table is limited in quantity. Please refrain from a long time of use.
    • We may provide some of your information such as your name to public health authorities to help combat Coronavirus.
  4. 4.Others    
    •  Depend on the situation of Covid-19, we may make changes to our services.

Aichi International Association

Sannomaru Annex Building,
Aichi Prefectural Government 1 & 2 F, 2-6-1,
Sannomaru, Naka-ku, Nagoya, Aichi 460-0001
E-mail:somu*aia.pref.aichi.jp (Please replace"*" with "@.")
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