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The Japanese Language Class

Plaza Japanese Class

Face to face Japanese language classes operated by AIA volunteers.
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"The Akasatana" Japanese Class

Japanese classes organized by AIA and “ALOE” (private international exchange group.)    
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Plaza online Japanese Class

On-line Japanese languages classes run by AIA volunteers
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Searching page for Japanese language classes

You can search for Japanese language classes in Aichi prefecture.
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This page is written in Japanese; it is recommended to translate using the browser feature.

The Japanese Language Class for the First Time

Japanese language classes for beginner operated by AIA together with AIA volunteers.
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公益財団法人 愛知県国際交流協会

〒460-0001 名古屋市中区三の丸二丁目6-1愛知県三の丸庁舎内
TEL : 052-961-8744/E-mail:somu**を半角の@に変更してください)