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What are the requirements for obtaining a Japanese citizenship?

  A foreigner can obtain Japanese citizenship through naturalization. General requirements for naturalization are as follows.
  1. He or she has maintained continuous residence in Japan for more than five years.
  2. He or she is more than 20 years of age and regarded as competent by the laws of the country of origin.
  3. He or she maintains good conduct.
  4. He or she can maintain an independent livelihood by means of the financial resources or technical skills of his or her own, those of the spouse with whom he or she maintains the same livelihood, or those of other relatives.
  5. He or she has no previous nationality, or is willing to surrender such nationality to obtain Japanese nationality.
  If a foreigner has a Japanese spouse, however, the place of residence requirement in ① can be relaxed to more than three years of continuous residence.

  Moreover, if more than three years have passed since marriage to a Japanese spouse, continuous residence for more than one year should suffice.

  For more information, contact the Nagoya Legal Affairs Bureau.