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2011/3/25 "Multilingual earthquake information" for the foreign victims of Tohoku area pacific offshore earthquake is available now.
2011/3/22 Person Finder Website "Family Links"
2011/3/21 Notice from the Aichi Prefectural Government
2011/3/12 For information about the Tohoku Region Pacific Offshore Earthquake (Tohoku Chihou Taiheiyou Oki Jishin), click here
2011/3/5 Notice from the Aichi Prefectural Government "Poultry and eggs are safe to eat".


2010/12/24 Consultation Examples have been updated.
2010/5/13 For information about upcoming fun events, Click here
2010/3/30 Aichi Handbook (English version) has been revised. For more information, Click here
2010/3/19 Information on the site of ‘Cell phone Multilingual Living Information’ has been updated.


2008/12/25 New Years Holiday:Aichi International Plaza will be closed from Dec. 28 (Sun) - Jan. 4 (Sun).

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