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Aichi Handbook

The Aichi International Association publishes a booklet titled “AICHI HANDBOOK” (Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, English and Chinese editions), which is a compilation of information useful to foreigners residing in Aichi Prefecture. This handbook presents information on immigration procedures, insurance, medical care, education, work, taxes and various consultation services.

The printed versions are written in both the foreign language and Japanese. The information provided is valid as of the date of publication.

<Date of publication of Aichi Handbook>

A copy of the handbook is offered for free to residents in Aichi!

For residents and organizations in Aichi: A copy of each version is available for free at the Aichi Multicultural Center. (It can also be mailed at your cost.)

For residents and organizations in Aichi that wish to have two copies or more / For those living outside Aichi: 500 yen per copy.

To find out more about how to get the handbook, please contact us.

Also available for download!

Click on the image to download the digital version of Aichi Handbook.

*The digital version is based on the above printed version and updated regularly.

 Japanese Portuguese Spanish English Chinese
 Japanese  version  Portuguese  version  Spanish  version  English  version  Chinese  version
(Published May 2020)
(Published May 2020)
(Published May 2020)
(Published May 2019)
(Published May 2019)

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(Contact: Aichi Multicultural Center

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