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Daily Life Info

Information Counter

This area offers counseling to people from foreign countries about their daily life in Japan and provides citizens with various information and materials regarding international exchange. Free legal consultation for foreign residents (and visitors) is also provided.

Consultation Examples

Various examples of past counseling services offered to people from foreign countries are provided here.

Free Legal Consultation for Foreigners

Legal counseling is available in different languages.

Free Consultation with Administrative Scrivener for Foreign Residents

We offer "Consultation on any matters regarding public administrative documents" such as procedures for the status of residence under the new residence system and other matters concerning public documents that administrative scrivener can help.

Aichi Handbook

This handbook provides people from overseas with information necessary for daily life in Aichi.

Radio Broadcast Service in Foreign Languages

Various information about daily life and events are provided in foreign languages.

Aichi Voice

This is a public information leaflet (English) on the history, traditional arts, industries, climate and other features of Aichi Prefecture.

Pocket Guide Aichi

This leaflet (Japanese/English) provides various information about Aichi, including maps of the prefecture and the central area of Nagoya.

Multilingual Living Information for Cell Phone

Here is a site of living information in English accessible by cell phone. Click here and get brief explanations on various issues including visa, medical care, insurance, marriage, labor, traffic accident etc.

A Quick Guide for Foreign Residents

This is a summary of information prepared for foreign residents to be helpful for their problem-solving.

Japanese Classes

Class information and others for those who would like to learn Japanese.

Information on earthquake

A guide of the earthquake disaster prevention introduced in our radio program.

Medical Interpretation Services

It may be hard for some foreigners to go to a medical institution if they don't speak Japanese and even if they take a friend who can speak Japanese with them, it can be difficult to communicate since they use technical terms. For this reason, from October, 2011, Aichi prefecture will start medical translation services on a trial basis at the medical institutions stated below. Please do take advantage of this service.

New Residency Management System

To All Foreign Nationals Residing in Japan: A new residency management system has started since July 9, 2012. With the introduction of the new system, a resident card will be issued to all foreign nationals residing legally for the mid-to-long term with residence status (The Alien Registration System will be abolished).
Immigration Bureau of the Ministry of Justice offers information about the new residency management system in 26 languages on the web page.

Tourist Guide

Information on sightseeing in Aichi Prefecture is available.

AICHI on the move+

Please view this slideshow, and gain an intimate knowledge of the charms of Aichi.

Living Guide

This website is produced to provide foreigners with information in various languages for living in Japan by Council of Local Authorities for International Relations.

Multilingual Questionnaire

This multilingual interview sheet, prepared by the Kanagawa International Association, is written in Japanese and other languages. (Note: Explanations on each page are provided only in Japanese.)

Disaster-Prevention Guide

This guide is offered in English, Malay, French, Spanish and Japanese by the Institute for Fire Safety & Disaster Preparedness. With illustrations, it explains what you should do in a time of disaster. (PDF)

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