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I am going to teach my students about development and international understanding at my school. Please inform me about books that can be used as reference materials.

  In the Library of our Association, there are reference materials that can be used to teach about development and international understanding. Introduced in some reference materials, among these, are teaching materials and such. Feel free to visit our Library once and make use of the materials.

  Also, the Chubu International Center of JICA (at 052-533-0220) and the Nagoya International Center (at 052-581-5691) publish books introducing programs such as workshops themed on development education and international understanding education. For details, contact the respective organizations.

  Our Association, on receiving requests from schools, municipal governments etc., dispatches volunteer facilitators to hold workshops dealing with international understanding, named “Plaza International Understanding Class.” For details of this workshop, contact personnel in charge of International Exchange & Multicultural Section (at 052-961-7904).