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At the library (2F) you can read and borrow approx. 20,000 Japanese and foreign books on other cultures and international exchange activities. Also available are various materials issued by many international exchange groups; as well as newspapers, magazines, videos and introductory leaflets on various foreign countries. Though not a large facility, the library is specifically geared towards international exchange.

Library information

Map of library


1 International exchange-related books and foreign books
2 Introductory books on various countries

3 Reference books

4 Materials issued by international exchange groups and other organizations

5 Japanese introductory books

Introductory guidebooks and Japanese literature in English and other foreign languages
6 Yamamoto Library

7 International Cooperation Plaza

8 Books for elementary and junior high school students

9 Tourist guides

Newspapers and magazines

The latest issues of newspapers and magazines from around the world are available.
11 Video booths

A variety of English-language videos on Japanese life and culture are available for viewing here, free of charge.

List of English-language videos


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