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Handmade candles have a soft, gentle glow and are still commonly used at Buddhist services. Those sold at the Isobe Candle Shop in the city of Okazaki come in two colors--white and red--and in varying sizes; the smallest ones are 8 centimeters long and have a diameter of 1 cm, while the largest are 30 cm long with a 10-cm diameter. (Photo by Masatsugu Yokoyama)
Aichi Prefecture is located roughly in the middle of the Japanese archipelago and is the nation's top industrial prefecture, being the home of Toyota Motor Corp. and other leading-edge manufacturers. It also has a rich history and cultural tradition that continue to enrich the lives of residents today. A number of large-scale projects are planned to lead the prefecture into the twenty-first century, including the 2005 World Exposition and a new international airport.

AICHI VOICE is a colorful English-language publication issued twice a year in the spring and fall by the Aichi International Association, a nonprofit organization established by the Aichi Prefectural government, to introduce Aichi's proud traditions and latest trends to a worldwide audience.

This Website contains the magazine's contents in electronic form to give everyone with Internet access a chance to learn more about our prefecture.

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