Nadya Park
Where It's At

(Photos by Tadashi Aizawa)
Clop, clop--The sound of people walking in geta reverberates through the town. Young women sport black geta with red straps matched with silk crepe skirts, while for young men, narrow-fitting slacks and paulownia-wood geta with black straps are de rigueur. These young people sport purely Japanese footwear, but their clothes are from the West; they cut a blended figure of Occident and Orient.
 These days, the young men and women sporting the multinational look are heading for the Nadya Park complex, which opened in the Sakae district of Naka-ku, Nagoya, on November 15, 1996. The name "Nadya" stands for "Nagoya, design, youth, and amusement."
 The 92,000-square-meter expanse of the complex contains the Business Center Building, housing the trendy retailing chain Loft Nagoya and rental offices. The building boasts 23 floors above ground as well as four basement levels. It is joined by the 12-floor Design Center Building, also featuring four underground levels. The Atrium, a series of structures, serves as a conduit between the two towers.
 A big attraction of Nadya Park is Loft Nagoya, which is particularly popular with high schoolers. The store features many imported goods that cannot be purchased elsewhere, and the many charming items on sale look like they have come straight out of fashion magazines. The sheer volume of the products on display is one of Loft Nagoya's attractions, since people come knowing they will find whatever they are looking for here. Young people today are able to pick out those items that match their sensibilities and incorporate them neatly into their lifestyles.
 "There's so much to see here that it takes a whole day just to take everything in," a male high school student commented. "Where I live, there isn't a very big shopping center, so I really enjoy coming down here." These kids, who must fit themselves into regulation school uniforms on weekdays, like to sport wild fashions on weekends to assert their individuality. They are not content to wear what everyone else is wearing; they want to stand out. And this further fuels their feel for fashion.
 An office worker in her twenties says she likes to visit the Design Hall to discover and edify herself. "To polish one's senses," she says, "it's important to expose yourself to higher things and to ingest them slowly. Nadya Park offers just the kind of stimulation you need to maintain a fresh perspective on things."
 Young people think nothing of donning clothes in combinations that would startle older generations, like slipping into geta while wearing Western clothes. Nadya Park caters to the needs of these changing times and is an indispensable forum for the exchange of information and mixing of the latest trends.
 The complex transcends orthodox divisions, combining a shopping center, business district, and cultural amenities. Its unbounded freedom, newness, friendliness, and diversity are a perfect match for the exuberant and dynamic spirit of today's youth, and it promises to be a continuing source of fresh ideas.