A tsuma-ori-gasa in the making. The Ozeki family of Aichi Prefecture is the only full-time maker of these beautiful traditional umbrellas that are used in the tea ceremony held outdoors.

Aichi Prefecture is located in the center of Japan, and it has a rich cultural tradition fostered through the centuries. In the year 2005, Aichi will host the first World Exposition of the 21st century, in preparation of which a number of major projects are underway, including the construction of a new international airport. Aichi Voice is semiannual publication (published in spring and autumn each year ) of the Aichi International Association , a nonprofit organization established and managed by the Aichi Prefectural Government . It aims to promote the world's understanding of Aichi and its people, and is distributed in various countries free of charge. This Website briefly outlines the contents of Aichi Voice .

Top Story
Aichi to Host EXPO 2005

Interview with an Aichi celebrity
Meditative Landscape that Speak to the heart
Traditional works of artisans
Heir to Four Centuries of Tradition
Aichi's exploration into the latest technologies
Helping Nature Replenish the Oceans
Visual presentation of Aichi's natural beauty
The Kiso Flows with the Times
Unique features of local communities
A Blend of the Old and New:The Hoi Region

Historic legacy of Aichi
The Tokaido:The Lasting Prominence of Japan's Main Artery
Activity of non-Japanese living in Aichi
Building a New Society
Daily life of Aichi citizens
Nadya Park:Where It's At
Numerical facts of Aichi
Consumption Trends and Savings
Aichi's hidden delicacies
Japanese Confectionery Gratifies the Eyes and Palete

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