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A New Kind of World Exposition

Looking Forward to Expo 2005
In the foreground of the site for the exposition is the Youth Park Area, where the principal display facilities will be located; in the background is the Kaisho Area, designated the Symbol Zone.
Moving toward a coexistence between humankind and nature is a key concern of EXPO 2005 Aichi, plans for which have been greatly influenced by efforts to save one of Japan's most endangered bird species, the goshawk. A general agreement to revise the original plans for holding the exposition in the Kaisho Forest, an important habitat of the rare goshawk, was reached in April 2000 to accommodate the concerns of the International Bureau of Exhibitions (BIE) about the impact of the event on the environment. The Japan Association for the 2005 World Exposition took up the challenge and drew up the outline of an alternative plan that would utilize only part of the forest. It subsequently finalized the revised plan in September, and this was approved by the association's Board of Directors and, subsequently, by the Japanese Cabinet on September 19. It was submitted to the BIE on the same day.

Public participation

In May 2000 the association convened the Council for the Examination of EXPO 2005 Aichi to involve the public in developing ideas for using the Kaisho Forest in the southeastern part of Seto City. Made up of representatives from local environmental and other interested groups, along with experts in relevant fields, the council held rigorous debates on a weekly basis. Basic agreement on the use of the Kaisho Area was reached at the eighth such meeting. By involving the public in the preparations, the organizers of EXPO 2005 Aichi opened a new path toward the restoration of harmony between humankind and nature.

The Exposition
Theme and sub-themes

In the new plan, the overall theme of Nature's Wisdom will be supported by three sub-themes: Nature's Matrix, the Art of Life, and Development for Eco-communities. The idea is that these sub-themes will, respectively, explore the meaning of civilization in the space age through the history of the world and cutting-edge technologies, show how people can continue to live full and active lives, and examine how communities should develop to take full advantage of new energy sources and recycling technology.

The venue

As the plans for the exposition site need to be in keeping with the theme of Nature's Wisdom, a fundamental aim is to bring the natural strengths of the area to the fore and to enable people to experience nature at first hand.

The Kaisho Area will be designated the Symbol Zone, with the aim of creating a site at one with surrounding nature. The theme of Nature's Wisdom will be further developed around the Symbol Zone and the Local Government Zone in the Kaisho West Area and the Japanese National Government Zone in the Kaisho South Area.

The Youth Park Area will offer a variety of attractions where people can congregate; the Official Participants Zone will feature displays by foreign governments and international organizations; the Non-Official Participants Zone will have private-sector displays; and the Theme Zone will be home to the exposition's sponsors. The combined effect will be a bustling forum of international exchange. In the eastern part of the Aichi Youth Park will be the Forest Experience Zone, where visitors will be able to enjoy the beauty of nature to the full.