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Working with Nature
Basic Site Plan for EXPO 2005

Aichi Youth Park, an expanded area for the EXPO.

The Japan Association for the 2005 World Exposition, in conjunction with the Aichi Prefectural Government, has undertaken a review of the basic site plan for EXPO 2005, taking into consideration the various opinions expressed on the original plan as well as the environmental impact on the areas around the proposed site. As a result of the review, in September 1999, it announced a revised basic plan expanding the original site.

Goshawk nest discovered

About 25 million visitors are expected to attend EXPO 2005. If only the originally designated site in Kaisho, the southeastern part of Seto city, is used, the natural environment may be seriously disrupted. This issue was already being addressed during the study stage for site planning: In May 1999 the nesting of goshawks was confirmed in the southeastern part of Seto city. The bird is designated as an endangered species in Japan.

Considering the need for the protection of goshawks, it might not be possible to use part of the originally proposed site as planned. With this in mind, the Association held discussions with national and prefectural authorities and investigated the possibility of utilizing areas adjacent to the original site. These deliberations have led to the following revised basic site plan.

Exposition site expanded

12_2005_expo_map_S.gif The revised site plan adds around 200 hectares of Aichi Youth Park and about 20 hectares of the Science and Technology Exchange Center to the Kaisho area. Aichi Youth Park was established in 1970 by the Aichi Prefectural Government for young people to grow and learn by interacting with nature; this idea is in keeping with the basic goals of EXPO 2005.

According to the plan, the Symbol Zone, which symbolizes the theme of EXPO 2005, "Rediscovering Nature's Wisdom," and the Theme Zone, to be developed mostly by the private sector, will both be located in the Kaisho area. The Edutainment (blend of education and entertainment) Zone will be located in Aichi Youth Park and is being developed by foreign governments. The Science and Technology Exchange Center will be the site of administration and other support facilities. Proposed Intelligent Transportation Systems using loop shuttle buses are currently under study for on-site transportation.

Taking into account the future impact of the event after it closes, currently under investigation are ways in which some of the pavilions and other facilities used for EXPO 2005 could be turned into a permanent base for international research on environmental conservation and industrial technology. This would form part of efforts to build a city and region fit to support new, twenty-first-century lifestyles while remaining in harmony with nature.

The Japan Association for the 2005 World Exposition will finalize the site plan based on the present plan. The Association is scheduled to register the plan at the General Assembly of the International Bureau of Exhibitions (BIE) in the year 2000.

(Text by Masaki Yamada)