Birth of a child whose mother and father are both foreign nationals
When a child's father and mother are both foreign nationals, that child is also a foreign national, and the following procedures must be carried out. 1) You must notify the local municipal office of the birth within 14 days after the child is born. The birth certificate issued by the doctor or midwife is required for this notification. 2) You must register the birth at your country's embassy or consulate (general) in Japan, and have the child's passport issued. 3) You must apply at the Immigration Bureau for a visa for the child within 30 days after the child is born. The following documents are required for the application. (1) Application for Permission to Acquire Status of Residence (2 copies) (2) Documents certifying the child's birth (3) Mother's and father's passports and alien registration cards 4) You must apply for alien registration at your local municipal office within 60 days after the child is born.