Divorce and status of residence
Even if a foreign resident with the status of residence of spouse of a Japanese national divorces a Japanese national, they may remain in Japan until the expiry date of their visa. As this visa cannot be renewed, however, if they wish to continue living Japan they must apply for a change of status of residence to that of long-term resident or other valid status. If they have been living in Japan for an appropriately long period, are bringing up children with Japanese nationality, or have other similar circumstances, the probability of approval is high.
The following documents are required. (1) Application for Change of Status of Residence (2) Documents explaining the reason for your application (3) Passport or Certificate of Eligibility for Status of Residence (4) Alien registration card (5) Permit to Engage in Activity Other Than That Permitted by Status of Residence Already Granted (if possessed) For more details, please contact the Immigration Information Center (052-559-2151/2152).