Join a pension scheme
People who expect to live in Japan for more than one year are obliged to enroll in a pension scheme. There are two types of pension: employee pension schemes are for people aged up to 69 who work at companies of over a certain size, and other people aged between 20 and 59 must enroll in the national pension scheme. This is also true for people who intend to return to their home countries in future. Administrative procedures for the national pension scheme are carried out at your local city hall or town, ward, or village office, and those for employee pension schemes are handled at your company. If you pay pension and national insurance contributions for 25 years or more, you will receive an old age pension from when you turn 65 until you die. You are also eligible to receive a disability pension should you be disabled through injury or illness, and if you should die leaving a wife and children, they can also receive a survivor’s pension. A system is in place to return part of your pension contributions if you go back to your home country. If you are eligible, be sure to join a pension scheme.