Join a health insurance scheme
People who expect to live in Japan for more than one year are obliged to enroll in a health insurance scheme. There are two types of health insurance: people who work more than 30 hours a week at companies or similar organizations can use private health insurance, and other people join the National Health Insurance scheme. Private health insurance scheme are joined via your company, and the National Health Insurance scheme is joined at your local town, ward, or village office. If you have health insurance, it will cover 70% of the cost of medical treatment when you visit a hospital. People without health insurance can be charged whatever the doctor regards as appropriate, meaning that bills can come to several times more than what would be paid for by insurance. If someone without insurance suffers a serious injury or illness, there are almost no systems for assisting them even if they are faced with bills for a large amount of money. If you have health insurance, you can receive payments when you give birth or are faced with high medical costs, as well as if you have to take time off work because of injury or illness. Be sure to join a health insurance scheme.