What procedures are required when returning to home country?

Possible solutions

Obtain re-entry permit
If you have obtained a re-entry permit before leaving Japan, you can enter Japan again on your present visa as long as it is for the same purpose for which the visa was issued.
Contact: Nagoya Regional Immigration Bureau

Return alien registration card
If you have not obtained a re-entry permit, please return your alien registration card when you go through immigration screening on departure.
Contact:Municipal office

Complete procedures to prevent double taxation
To ensure you do not get taxed in both Japan and your home country, please complete procedures to prevent double taxation before returning to your home country (if your country has agreed a tax convention with Japan).
Contact: Embassy, general consulate

Pay tax/receive tax refund
If you are obliged to file a tax return before leaving Japan and will not re-enter the country before the deadline for filing, you must either appoint a tax payment representative and request this representative to pay, notifying the director of the tax office of this before leaving the country, or file a tax return and pay taxes before leaving Japan.
Contact: Tax Office

Receive a lump-sum pension withdrawal payment
If you are a foreigner who has paid pension premiums for six months or more and is no longer resident in Japan, you can apply for a lump-sum withdrawal payment within two years of returning to your own country.
Contact: Japan Pension Service

Return your National Health Insurance card
Please complete the procedures for loss of eligibility at your local municipal office.
Contact: Municipal office

Receive certificate from your child's school
You may require certificates of graduation, educational curriculum, or similar after returning to your home country. In this case, please apply to your embassy or consulate.
Contact: Embassy, general consulate