Don't know what to do when moving out

Cancel the rental contract on your accommodation/parking space
You must give notice in advance, so please consult your landlord at an earlier stage.
Contact: Public housing office / real estate agent branch / landlord, etc.

Cancel electricity, water, gas, and mobile phone
Cancellation conditions differ with companies, so inform the companies with which you have contracts at an earlier stage.
Contact: Chubu Electric Power / Chubu Gas / municipal waterworks department / mobile phone company

Dispose of vehicles
If you sell or give away your vehicle to someone else, you must transfer ownership registration. If you are scrapping your vehicle, please complete the procedures to delete registration.
Contact: Aichi Transport Branch Office / Motor Vehicle Inspection and Registration Office / Light Motor Vehicle Inspection Organization

Dispose of furniture
You can sell furniture to recycle shops. If you are unable to dispose of some items, you can throw them out as oversize garbage. Recycling fees are charged, however, for items such as air conditioners, TVs, refrigerators, washing machines, and computers.
Contact: Municipal office / domestic appliance retailers, etc.