Unable to find work

Possible Solutions

Find work through Hello Work
Some branches of Hello Work can deal with inquiries in several foreign languages. They also provide information on the benefit system for various types of professional training and educational training.
Contact: Hello Work / Job Life Aichi (Aichi Total Employment Support Center)

Find work via job advertisement magazines
Job advertisement magazines are sold or given away at bookstores, convenience stores, and stations. Free papers in Portuguese and Spanish may also provide you with job information.

Undergo professional training
It will be easier to find work if you improve your professional skills. Courses may be free, or you may be able to receive a subsidy if you meet certain conditions. If you undergo public professional training, the period during which you can receive unemployment benefits may be extended.
Contact: Hello Work

Learn Japanese
It will be easier to find work if you develop Japanese proficency. Japanese classes for foreign residents are offered by public organizations and volunteers.
Contact: Hello Work / Prefectural & municipal international associations