Have to leave an apartment

Possible solutions

Stay in inexpensive accommodation
You can find inexpensive accommodation by usng the Internet.

Rent public housing
Prefectural and municipal governments operate public housing for people with low incomes. It is not always possible to move in immediately, however, as application periods are fixed, or there may be no vacancies even if you apply, so you may have to go through a lottery or be put on a waiting list accordingly.
Contact: Aichi Prefectural Housing Corporation Nagoya City Housing Supply Corporation Municipal office

Rent employment promotion housing
If you have had to leave accommodation such as a company dormitory for the reason that a contract for temporary work is being terminated partway through, and less than six months has passed since you lost your job, you can rent a vacant room for a fixed six-month contract under special conditions, with the requirements for a deposit and a guarantor being exempted.
Contact: Hello Work

Rent private rental accommodation
Some landlords of private rental accommodation will accept foreign residentswho are registered in the prefecture. Information on vacancies, rent, and so on can be obtained from real estate agents registered as cooperating agents.
Contact: Real estate agents cooperating with Trusted Renting Searching possible on Trusted Renting Net: http://www.anshin-chintai.jp/

Receive Employment Security Fund loan
If you have been laid off or your contract has not been renewed after your term of employment expires and resultingly you have to leave company accommodation where you have been residing so far, you may be able to receive a loan to cover necessary funds for initial moving-in expenses.
Contact: Hello Work