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Aichi Handbook
  The Aichi International Association publishes the "Aichi Handbook" in Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, English and Chinese. This is a booklet providing daily living information useful for international residents living in the area.

  In this handbook contains various information such as immigration procedures, insurance, medical issues, education, job, tax and counseling counters.
Free Distribution!

  You can request a copy for free at the Multicultural Center of the Aichi International Association. Print version is written in Japanese and foreign language as well. The Contents of Aichi Handbook are the latest as of its publication.

Aichi Handbook Date of Issue
Portuguese/Spanish edition August, 2017
English/Chinese edition March, 2017
You can also download it!

  Click on the picture of handbook below to download Aichi Handbook (digital version).
Japanese Portuguese Spanish English Chinese
(Released 10.2017)
(Raleased 10.2017)
(Released 10.2017)
(Released 6.2017)
(Released 6.2017)
* The digital version is created based on the contents of the printing version above and updated to the latest information from time to time.
It is to download as an Acrobat Reader (PDF) file.
"Acrobat Reader" (free software) is needed to view PDF files.
Download "Acrobat Reader"here on this page if needed.
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