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Information about the Tohoku Region Pacific Offshore Earthquake
Notice from the Aichi Prefectural Government
March 21, 2011

<For those who want to help the victims of Tohoku Kanto Earthquake>

◆Aichi / Earthquake Donation

Aichi Prefecture appreciates your kind offer of donation from residents in Aichi and companies as follows.

1. A period during which donations will be accepted:
March 14 (Mon.) - April 13 (Wed.) 2011

2. How to receive donations
(1) Bank transfer
Name of Bank: Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ
Name of Branch: Aichi-kencho Shucchojo
Account No.: 0008123 (Ordinary Account)
Payee Name: Tohoku-chiho Taiheiyo-oki Jishin Aichi-ken Gienkin
(2) Coming directly carrying money with you
*Aichi Prefectural Government (Main Building) and Citizens Affairs Offices
* Time: 9:00 - 17:00 (on weekdays)

◆Receiving Backup Materials

1. Reception Counter (from individuals and companies) is to be established
(1) Aichi-ken will be receiving materials from individuals and companies at the six Citizens Affairs Offices.
(2) As for municipalities, successively, reception counters will be set up when preparations are ready. The contact information of the places set up in the municipalities will be informed on the website of Aichi-kencho when they are ready to open.

2. Transport materials
Aichi-ken will gather the collected materials at Citizens Affairs Offices and municipal offices together and transport them to the collection center in Miyagi-ken.

3. List of materials for reception
Please note that the materials that are not written in the list of materials for reception would not be accepted.
*Preserved rice (dried rice, canned rice, packed rice (pakku gohan / retort rice))
*Kanpan, or ship’s biscuit
*Instant noodles (Please box up "cup noodles" and "noodles to be cooked" respectively)
*Pull-top cans
*Powdered milk
*Disposable diapers (Please pack up "diapers for adults" and "diapers for babies" respectively)
*Sanitary goods
(Note: Please note that food and drink should have three months or more to go before the expiry date.)

4. Things to be attended to
Please take note of the things below so that transport to the stricken region and work of assortment will go effectively. Your cooperation is appreciated.
*Please pack up the same item in a box compactly. Any size will do.
*After boxing up things, please specify the name and the number of the item on each side of the box in Japanese.
*Please make sure to bring your materials to the reception places. Materials sent by post would not be accepted.
*A large material donation (eg. more than ten middle-sized cardboard boxes) may result in confusion, so please consult the staff member of kencho in advance.

5. Period and time
(1) A period during which donations will be accepted:
March 22 (Tue.) - March 28 (Mon.)
(Note: The period during which donations is to be accepted will be a week for the moment. The information after that can be confirmed on the website.)
(2) Time 9:00 - 17:00
(3) Period and time for each municipal office will be notified on the website when they are ready.

<For those who want to work as volunteers to help the victims of Tohoku Earthquake>

The website of Aichi/Nagoya Tohoku Kanto Earthquake Volunteer Support Network is set up to notify information concerning the voluntary activities to assist the victims of Tohoku Kanto Earthquake.
The website address of Aichi/Nagoya Tohoku Kanto Earthquake Volunteer Support Network: (Japanese only)