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Typhoon Information

Wednesday, June 20, 2012
All the warnings around this area have been canceled.

12:06 Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Nagoya Meteorological Observatory has announced a storm warning in Aichi Prefecture.
The storm is expected to approach to this area from the night of 19th of June through early morning on 20th.
Please pay attention to further information on the coming typhoon.

・Do not go outside as possible when the winds and rains are strong.
・Do not approach to the coast because the waves are high.
・Be prepared and take the preventive measures in advance.

[Evacuation Sites Information]  as of 18:30 Tuesday, June 19, 2012
Evacuation centers are now available in the following areas:
Nagoya(12), Ichinomiya(1), Konan (1), Inazawa(41), Owariasahi(9), Kiyosu(7), Kitanagoya (10), Toyoyama(4), Oguchi(1), Tsushima(8), Yatomi(6), Ama(3), Oharu(6), Tobishima(1), Handa(4), Tokoname(1), Obu (1), Minamichita(8), Mihama(8), Okazaki(17), Hekinan(7), Anjo (11), Nishio(1), Takahama(1), Toyohashi (70), Gamagori(1), and Tahara (33)
* For details, please ask at the municipal government office in these areas.