Multilingual Radio Broadcasting

Foreign Language Radio Program Volunteers

Radio Program Volunteers
Let me introduce the volunteer members who take part in our foreign language radio programs.

There are two kinds of volunteers involved in this program, translators and announcers. "Volunteer Translators" translate the Japanese text into one of several foreign languages. Native speakers serve as "Volunteer Announcers", reading the translated text at the radio station recording studio.

This process occurs monthly except in the case of natural disasters or other important events.

Volunteer Translators

Volunteer translators are asked to translate our Japanese manuscripts to foreign languages. Depending on the program, the volume of the translation required may vary. Regardless of the translation, the deadline for finished translations is always one week from the time you accept the assignment. Translation is a hard job, translations need to factually accurate, colloquial, and written in manner suitable for broadcast on the radio. 
Our programs for foreign residents cover various topics such as tax, legal and welfare information and introductions of Japanese culture. Local area names, proper nouns and jargon often appear in our scripts. Translators must work very hard to ensure the accuracy of their work. 
That said, native announcers check the translation and correct them as they like; providing a safety net when you are not fully confident in your translation. We can provide revised scripts to translators on request.

Volunteer Translating Work
Registered volunteer members only

Deadlines must be met

A required commitment of at least 6 months
Global Voice: approximately 700 words in Japanese

Public Service Announcements: approximately 600 words in Japanese
One week from the time you accept the assignment

Volunteer Announcers

Volunteer announcers are responsible for recording at the studio. The most important part of their job is to present the information clearly and accurately. The Global Voice program is 8 minutes while Public Service Announcements are 4, both are short programs. It is difficult to read the script within the limited time available. However, volunteers' reading pace improves with every recording.
Volunteers enjoy the radio station's unique atmosphere and working together with the radio station's creative staff and disc jockeys.      

Global Voice収録の様子
Now recording

On activities of Speaker volunteer
Registered volunteer members only

Be able to participate in recording sessions at the studio

A required commitment of at least 6 months
Global Voice: ZIP-FM Studio(Naka ward Nagoya city)

Public Service Announcements: RADIO-i Studio(Naka ward Nagoya city)      
We provide a transportation allowance

If you are interested in becoming a radio broadcasting volunteer, contact us at any time.
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