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Library Information

【Reading books】

●Visitors are free to read books in the library.
●To check out books, you must be an Aichi resident or work or go to school in the Prefecture.

【Library card】

●To check out books from the library, you must have a library card. You must apply for the library card in person. You must show some identification, such as an alien registration card, when applying for a library card.
●Library cards are valid for three years. You must inform the library of any change of address.

【Checking out books】

●Visitors can check out a maximum of five books at a time for up to 15 days. Those desiring to borrow a book past the due date, may do so if the book has been reserved.

【Reserving books】

●You can reserve a book that is checked out. A reception clerk will inform you by telephone as soon as the book is returned to the library.
●Reservations shall be canceled if the book is not picked up within seven days after the return.


●Under the Copyright Act, visitors can make photocopies of library material. For photocopying, please fill out the prescribed form and submit it to the reception counter. You must make your own copies at 10 yen a copy.

【Customer service】

When looking for a book, please feel free to consult the Library staff for assistance. The Library also offers referrals to other libraries, if necessary.


You can have access to the library stacks from our homepage

Open: 10:00-18:00 Monday-Saturday
Closed: Sundays, national holidays, December 29-January 3,
and for five days in late February (for library reorganization)

Contact:Planning & Information Section,Planning Division