Information on earthquake
The things that you can do to be prepared for an earthquake

This is the last time that I am going to address you about the things that you can do to be prepared for an earthquake. I have been suggesting various courses of action throughout the past six announcements; and offering preparatory measures for you to use to protect your own life, and the life of your family.

In the Hanshin Awaji earthquake, about 5,500 people were killed; 80% of them died of either pressure from, or suffocation caused by, collapsing houses and toppling furniture. Consequently, it is conceivable that we might protect ourselves, and others, by heightening the safety of our environments before an earthquake occurs.

Firstly, you should arrange your furniture in such a way, that youfll not be trapped beneath it if it falls; you should also consider securing the furniture, so that it is less likely to fall. The bedroom is a priority, as we are most defenseless when sleeping.

After the Hanshin Awaji earthquake, about 60% of the people rescued, were rescued by the cooperative efforts of neighbors. As neighbors help each other in times of crisis, it is important to build relationships with them, by actively attending local gatherings and interacting with them regularly. It would be a good idea to hold an information-sharing meeting with your friends, to discuss the best courses of action, in the event of an earthquake. If you take these actions now, to prevent the loss of life during an earthquake, youfll have an excellent chance of surviving the event, unharmed.

COME ON ! Letfs start taking disaster measures!