Information on earthquake
NODT The shelter

@This is the 5th time that Ifm going to tell you about gthe shelterh.

@gThe shelterh is the place which will be opened as a temporary living space when a disaster occurs or when houses collapse, electricity, gas and water stop and you cannot live a life. School gyms and community centers generally become shelters. Food, water and daily necessities are usually to be delivered in the shelter, however, it is expected that the gToukai Tounan Earthquakeh which is expected to occur in near future will cause a widespread destruction and delay aid due to the fall of roads and general congestion.

@You need to store food and water that will be sufficient at least for three days. After the Hanshin Awaji Earthquake occurred, about 2000 people were living in certain shelters and there was some trouble between the Japanese and the non-Japanese people caused by a lack of communications and differences of manners and customs. In order to solve these problems, it is important to make and adhere to the given rules of living in the shelter such as when to wake up, when to go to bed, how to use the toilet and the washing place and how to damp the garbage.

@First of allits best to learn some simple Japanese words. If you remember the rules of daily living in Japanese at ordinary times, it would surely be helpful for you to live in the shelter if a disaster was to occur.