Information on earthquake
NODS The procedures when a warning is issued

This is the 4th time and Ifm going to tell you about gThe procedures when a warning is issuedh.

When Tokai Earthquake is predicted to occur, a warning is announced. Gas, electricity and water are supplied but the use of the telephone may be limited.

As for public transport, the trains stop at the nearest station or a safe place and operation is suspended. On general roads and high ways, entrance to areas of strongest tremors will be restricted and heavy congestion expected.

Under ground shopping centers and department stores suspend doing business, however, convenience stores and supermarkets continue as usual, as possible as possible.

As for banks, drawing out money will only be available at ATMs. Medical treatments for outpatients are suspended in hospital.

There is the possibility of major disorder by people rushing to the station trying to return home. You should talk with your family beforehand and consider the option of waiting for a while at your office or the nearest safe place when you are far away from home.

If your house is on a steep slope and is in an area with a high risk of landslides, or designated as a building of evacuation or you are in a house which has a risk of collapse, you should evacuate to the shelter.

Other than that, you should stay calmly at a safe place in your house and try to collect information.