Information on earthquake
NODR The procedures before the warning about Tokai Earthquake is issued

This is the 3rd information about earthquakes.

Ifm going to tell you about the procedures before the warning about Tokai Earthquake is issued.
On the governmentfs assumption, if the phenomenon considered to be judged to be a sign of earthquake continues, gEarthquake / Disaster Prevention and Strengthen Areas Decision Meetingh organized by professionals is summoned to discuss whether it will lead to earthquake and if it is predicted that the earthquake will occur, a warning is to be announced.

The residents are told about it by TV and radio when the meeting is summoned. As for people in office, a decision about whether to let employees go home depends on each office and you should check it beforehand.

Schools deal with it differently, however, some of them would take measures of keeping students at school when their guardians cannot take them home immediately.

At department stores and underground shopping centers, people are advised to go home. Supply of water, electricity and gas, telephone, public transportation, financial institutions, hospitals, etc. continue as usual.

However, cell phones and general lines have difficulty connecting and you should use
hverbal message dial for disaster 171. At home you should try to get info from the TV and radio and check the emergency pack and shelter.