Information on earthquake
NO丏俀 What to do during an earthquake when you are away from home

It乫s the second time for us to tell you about knowledge of earthquakes. This time let乫s think about 乬what to do during an earthquake when you are away from home乭.

This is a keyword. Wherever you are, 乬Do not panic. Remain calm and try to protect yourself first乭.

On the street, try not to stay on a narrow street or near fences because tiles of roofs and building debris may fall on you and block fences may collapse. Never touch cut power lines.

If you乫re in the middle of driving, speed down, pull over to the side of the road, and get accurate information through the car radio. When you decide to go away from your car, be sure to leave the car key because your car might disturb fire trucks and rescue people乫s activities.

At department stores and supermarkets, objects on showcases may fall; therefore, protect your head with your bag or a shopping basket and take refuge through the stairs. It乫s relatively safer for you to stay against the wall and near thick pillars.

When you乫re stuck in an elevator, use a
楢棈 telephone and wait for the rescue. On the train or subway, do not get out of a car without permission although it stops, but follow trainman乫s announcements.

Not to panic in a disaster, learn in daily life where these things are on the way to work or school --- dangerous areas, shelters, hospitals, convenience stores, and public phones. You should also make sure how your children乫s schools cope with the situation.