Information on earthquake
NODP Tokai Earthquake

Do you know gTokai Earthquakeh that is said to certainly occur in the near future? If you have knowledge of earthquakes and are prepared for them, you could save your life or could be damaged less. We are going to give you information about earthquakes once a month from today.

What damages are expected from gTokai Earthquakeh? In certain areas in Aichi Prefecture, an earthquake of the Uth degree on the seismic scale is expected.In this case, it is difficult to stand, indoors, much of furniture that is not fixed will fall down,and houses will be crooked so that doors canft be opened.Outdoors, some buildings collapse and windows are broken and fall, so you had better not go outside in a panic.You can use neither gas nor water, and the lights go outD

First of all itfs important for you to gact calmlyh.

When you feel shaking, protect your head with a cushion or something and go under a table.When you are outside, protect your head with a bag and take refuge in a safe place such as a park.

At the sea coast tsunami might come; therefore, you had better find shelter somewhere high.

What is frightening after the earthquake is fire.You must extinguish fire.gA flashlighth, gslippers with thick bottomh, and ga whistleh are useful, so put them at your bedside.