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Aichi International Association RECRUITMENT OF VOLUNTEERS

Volunteer Activities
[Language-related Volunteer]
* Translation and interpretation in the events of new comer support activities and cultural exchange opportunities.
* Translation of documents requested by clients, including clients from local city and county governments.
[Homestay Volunteer]
* Welcome foreign visitors and new comers into your homes and allow them first-hand experiences of Japanese lifestyles, traditions, and cultures.
[Support Volunteer] (only recruiting as needed)
* Facilitating interdisciplinary classes at local schools for the cultural benefits of the students and teachers.
* Teaching and leading Japanese-language classes.
* Service at the AIA library
* Speaker on air on radio channels aimed towards diverse audience.

Clients We Work with
* Aichi International Association (AIA)
* Aichi prefectural administrations
* Local governments
* International Associations working side by side with local governments
* Local schools

* Must be 20 years of age or older
* Must be a resident of Aichi prefecture or be a commuter to an office or school located in Aichi
* Exceptions:
HOMESTAY VOLUNTEER opportunities are only offered to those who are residents of Aichi.
For document translation works ONLY, we accept both residents of Aichi and residents of prefectures other than Aichi.

How to Sign Up
* For Support Volunteers, we are recruiting and accepting applications only as needed.
* For Language-related and Homestay volunteers, please fill out an application form and send it in to AIA via postal mail. We are NOT accepting by Fax or email. DOWNLOAD application here.

The Application Process
* Once we have accepted your application, we will send you a volunteer identification/registration card. Please bring this card to all volunteer activities.
* The registration renewal takes place every three years.
* The AIA will provide the information entered on the application form to prospective clients as needed. We respect your privacy and the information will not be used or released in any other way.

Insurance for Volunteers
* We are asking the registered volunteers who are appointed volunteer activity, to sign up for the "Volunteer Insurance" offered by the Aichi Prefectural Council of Social Service in case of unexpected accidents in volunteer activities. The AIA will cover for the insurance.
* The insurance covers when the insured party is injured, accidentally injures others, or is charged with legal penalties for injuring others during volunteer activities.
* Please remember that this Volunteer Insurance will not function as any other type of insurances, including health insurance.
* In the case of any volunteer-related accidents or injuries, please inform our association of the emergency as soon as possible.

Other Notices
* We define ‘volunteering’ as a non-profit activity, founded upon our registered volunteers’ good-will and willingness to participate. However, the volunteers’ transportation fees to and from volunteer sites will be covered by the AIA or the clients.
* Upon request of the volunteer work, we make reference to the relevant volunteers. If there are many applicants, we will appoint a volunteer in a drawing or ohter ways.
* Please make sure that you understand well the content of the volunteer work you are accepting. Once you accept the offer, you have the same responsibilities as the organizers of the activity. Although our association carefully examines the details of the activities before we undertake them, we would like to ask you to do the same for your own good. We recommend that you decline offers as necessary, especially when you think they are unreasonable or too much.
* During volunteer activities, please keep in mind that your participation is solely for volunteering purposes. Do not participate in volunteer works for your own benefits. Follow organizer's instructions at the sites.
* Be on time for your respective volunteer works and activities. The AIA should be notified of your cancellation of participation well in advance. When emergencies arise, please contact us as soon as possible.
* Private information acquired during volunteer activities should be kept private.
* Please understand that for your own protection, we may only ask fluent Japanese speakers to participate in certain volunteer activities.
* When you have made changes to your name, address, or the other information required on the registration form, please let us know of the changes as soon as possible.
* When you would like to be taken off our volunteer registration list, please inform the AIA as soon as possible.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.
Aichi International Association
International Exchange Section, International Exchange and Multicultural Society Division
〒460-0001 Nagoya-Shi, Naka-Ku, Sannomaru 2-6-1 Aichi International Plaza
Phone: (052)961-8746 / FAX: (052)961-8045
E-mail: koryu* (Please replace "*" with "@".)